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:: Why Choose HBS Foods Ltd?


H.B.S. Foods Ltd. is a privately owned company with many years experience in the food industry. We specialise in nuts and dried fruit products. We are committed to providing quality of the highest standards with first class material purchased from around the world.


At H.B.S. Foods Ltd. we understand the meaning of service - when goods have been ordered we aim to deliver high quality products on time, without hassle. We may not always be the cheapest supplier, as commodity markets do fluctuate with seasons, crops and availability, and they may also be affected by the currency and exchange rates. However, our high standards and excellent service make us the obvious choice.


We have a vast portfolio of clients, including some of the largest household names, which gives us the buying power to purchase in bulk at the right price.  Our aim is to pass this on to our smaller customers as well. We are not in the market to supply small pre-packed commodities, but aim to supply one-off larger sized packs for the home baker or smaller commercial outlets, catering also for people with special dietary needs or for those of you who simply love fruits and nuts.


We have a vast range of nut and fruit products which are all processed within our modern manufacturing factory in the West Midlands. All production is overseen by our quality team to the guide lines of our BRC accreditation,

and is only released once all criteria have been met. We do have a small laboratory on site where

chemical and micro tests are carried out. This all helps to maintain our high standards

as required by the British Food Industry and the public.