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:: Welcome to HBS Foods Ltd Processors of Edible Nuts

HBS Foods - Proccessors of Edible nuts

H.B.S. Foods Ltd. was formed in 1990.  The then company directors had worked in the edible nut industry for many years.  In 1994, the company relocated from its Tipton-based factory in the West Midlands, to its new purpose-built factory in Netherton, just North of Birmingham.  This factory is located close to the motorway network, which enables ease of distribution throughout the United Kingdom.


In 1999, one of the founding directors of H.B.S. Foods Ltd. retired, and the company was taken over completely by the Hopcraft family – a husband and wife team, later joined by one of their sons. The company progressed with the usual growing pains over the next few years. achieving BRC (British Retail Consortium) 'A Grade' accreditation. Currently, H.B.S. Foods Ltd. has over 40 employees and produces around 3000 tonnes of processed material each year, leading to a turnover in excess of £10 million. 


We process all products on lines that have been Risk Assessed.  Hazard Analysis has been carried out and includes Critical Limits, pre-requisites and Good manufacturing Practices ensuring that our products meet safety and legality

requirements according to the Food Act.  Our on-site Quality Assurance/Control team ensure

that our customers receive only the highest quality. 

Our main objective at H.B.S. Foods Ltd. is to effectively satisfy the needs of our
customers.  These range from large breakfast cereal manufacturers and health food
specialists, to smaller bakeries and confectionery traders.  We are also happy to
supply to home bakers and customers with special dietary needs.

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